In the past, it was enough for marketers to connect with their customer base as a whole, but that is no longer the case. Then came the trend to call potential customers by their first name when addressing them.

Soon, buyers became more sophisticated and no longer reacted to that form of personalization. Savvy executives are collecting large volumes of data allowing them to deliver very personalized messages in ways that each consumer prefers.

Learn how to use personalized advertising to your company’s advantage in 2022 to deliver highly relevant content at the exact right moment and in a format that the customer will appreciate.

Step 1: Collect Data for Personalized Marketing

The first step is that you have a system in place that will collect data about each customer’s interactions with your company. This information should fall into at least three different categories. You should collect quantitative data including a record of:

Additionally, you should know how each customer fits into your target audience. Therefore, you should collect data on their lifestyle, education level, age and habits.

Step 2: Analyze the Data

Once you have collected data about your customers, you must use that information to fine-tune your personalized marketing:

Step 3: Implementation of Personalized Marketing

There are many ways that you can build personalization into your marketing plan.

Loyalty Program

Creating a loyalty program is a win/win for you and the customer. The customer provides you with more data that you can analyze to do an even better marketing to them. Meanwhile, you give the customer messages targeted especially to them while rewarding them with discounts on items that might interest them.

Mobile Apps

There are many ways to empower mobile apps to deliver a personalized message. You can send a customer a timely message at the exact moment that they usually are looking for your product. You can also use mobile apps to send them a notification near one of your physical locations. Brick-and-mortar stores can also use apps to help customers find products so that they are leaving with more items in their cart.

Email Marketing

Increase your email opening rate by sending your customers information and promotions that interest them the most. Spend the extra effort to create emails for each section of your target list. Then, provide helpful information and promotions that they will find enticing. Be sure that your links either go to a landing page designed for that segment of your list or to the product you are promoting.

Social Media

Social media is the perfect place to retarget customers, and it is also a great place to use targeted videos. Customers love to share their ideas, so you may want to think of contests that encourage them to share posts from your company.

Step 4 Analyze the Benefits

You should never be content with your efforts to use personalized messaging in your advertising. Therefore, you should always strive to reach customers in novel ways that will cause them to respond to your company’s advertising efforts.

Your valued customer is hit with almost 10,000 brand messages daily. Personalized messaging done correctly helps your company add value to your customer’s life instead of so many brand messages that are simply annoying. Furthermore, it helps your company stand out so that your company is the first one to pop into the customer’s mind when they need your product or are making a recommendation to a friend. It is a great way to build trust and loyalty with your customers, which usually equals larger cart values and more frequent purchases.

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